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California Council of Parent Participation Nursery School's, Inc.


  1. Who is the CCPPNS approved Broker of Record?
Name and Address               Phone number
Robert (Bob) Hadzor   


cell 1-925-421-7611

Robert Hadzor Insurance

3755 Alhambra Ave., #7

Martinez, CA 94553


Fax: 1-925-372-9003


2.  What types of insurance policies does my school need?


There are several types of coverage pertaining to nursery schools--speciffically:

  • General Liability
  • Property (real and personal)
  • Student Accident
  • Worker's Compensation
  • Employee Dishonesty, Crime, and Scrip

(money and securities)

Directos & Officers

Liquor, and sexual abuse


3. Who qualifies for coverage with the CCPPNS, Inc.?


Any member school of CCPPNS insurance plan

The school must be a 501 C-3 Non-profit in good standing with the CCPPNS


4. What is the policy period?


Annual policy period is from April 1 to April 1

Work Comp renewal dated vary per school


5. How do i get the CCPPNS insurance plan?


To receive the benefits provided under the CCPPNS approved insurance plan this can be obtained by calling Bob Hadzor  1-925-372-9000, or cell at 1-925-421-7611.


6. How many checks do I write and to whom do I make them payable?


One check payable to Robert Hadzor Insurance covers the following insurance policies:

* General Liability

* Property (real and Personal)

* Employee Dishonesty, Crime, and Scrip (money and securities)  Directors & Officers


Markel/First Comp is a direct bill and the payment will be made to them.

*Workers Compensation


One check to K&K Insurance for: Nationwide Student Accident billed by us and sent to us at renewal time.

* Student Accident


Workers' Compensation Insurance. CCPNS members are covered through our new program through First Comp/Markel Insurance Company 


7. What is General Liability Insurance?


General Liability Insurance covers a broad spectrum possiblr legal suits our schools face daily. It covers such things as property damage and personal injuries occurring on school grounds, and away at fundraisers, or field trips.


Included under General Liability Insurance is automobile liability for non-owned autos. Any driving or carpoolong of children to and from field trips is covered. Because the law requires all drivers to have insurance, this policy is secondary, and only activated after the driver's limits are exceeded. Note that directers and other paid staff members are not covered as drivers.


Any parent who drives for field trips or carpooling must have proof of insurance filed with the school. The Directors must make visual inspections of all vechicles.


General Liability Insurance also covers any fundraisers that fall within the reasonable scope of what a parent participation nursery school does.


The Insurance Office (ISO), the governing body of all insurance companies, recommends "broad form coverage." This CCPPNS endorsed plan is the braodest possible coverage availabe, which covers a host of things from incidental medical malpractice (e.g. if a parent tries to perform CPR on a choking child and harms him/her) to non-owned watercraft up to 36 feet (e.g. if there is a preschool gathering at a lake and members had older boats that were paid off and didn't have insurance--for the school only.)


8. What is the deductible for general liability?


There is none.


9. What is Property Insurance?


Property Insurance (Building and Personal Property Insurance) provides coverage for direct Physical loss or damage to select covered property. Building Coverage (insurance for real property) covers partial damage or complete destruction of building(s). If your school owns its buildings, it should have building coverage.


Personal Property Insurance (Contents) covers any and all property located in or on yuor school building, or within 1000 feet of your building, including furniture, fixtures, machinery, and equipment (e.g. computers and photocopiers), personal property owned by an individual used in connection with the school, labor, materials or services furnished or arranged by you, and tenant improvements and betterments.


Note that this coverage (including fire and theft is all at Special Form Replacement Cost.


10. What is the deductible for property insurance?


$500 per claim.


11. What is Student Accident Insurance?


This covers any accident a student or parent volunteer may have at a School Function (at school or on a field trip). It covers any student, or parent for up to $500,000 accidental dismemberment, accidental death benefit, and a dental benefit. (This is a secondary medical plan; it will not pay beneftis for covered expenses until the family's insurance is exhausted, and will cover co-paye, and deductibles.) Call Bob hadzor for current rates.


12. What is the deductible for the Student Accident Insurance?


There is none.




13. What is Workers' Compensation Insurance?


By law, every school is required to protect its teachers and director with workers' compensation insurance. This insurance covers any employee of your school who may get hurt while on the job. Presently, the best worker compensation rates are available through the two different programs we have available through our office. Please give us a call for a competitive quote.


14. Disclaimer


This information was created by CCPPNS and is intended for covenience only. It contains no warranties and is not a contract of insurance. Call Bob Hadzor @ 1-925-372-9000

or cell at 1-925-421-7611 for an application form. He can answer any questions you may have.


15. Still have more questions?


The CCPPNS board of directors oversee the insurance program. Ask your regional council rep for the phone numbers of the current directors, or call us anytime.

Coverage Highlights

GENERAL LIABILITY: Simplified Occurence Form, includes teacher liability and volunteers.


General Aggregate


Personal Injury:

Fire Damage:






Directors & Officers:                                                    $5,000,000

Exclude: Pollution, Professional/Licensed Nureses,

Doctors, Asbestos and Lead Contamination.


SPECIAL INJURY: Child Sexual/Physcial Abuse


Each Wrongful Act:

Policy Aggregate:





Teachers professional liability

* Occurrence based coverage; not Claims Made

* Added as an endorsement to GL

* Broad insuring agreement

* Vicarious Liability for the Organization included Limited of liability $1,000,000


AUTOMOBILE: Hired and Non-Owned Limit of Liability:   $1,000,000


PROPERTY: Special Coverage, 90% Coinsurance, Replacement Cost, $250 Deductible


The following coverage's are included in every policy:

  • Newly Acquired Property-Building
  • Valuable Papers and Records
  • Property Off Premises
  • Business Income and/or Extra Expense
  • Fire Suppression Recharge
  • Account Receivable
  • Emergency Vacating Premises
  • Property In Transit
  • Water Back Up or Overflow
  • Utility Services-Direct Damage
  • Ordinance or Law-Coverage B & C
  • Arson Reward
  • Crime Reward
  • Personal Effects/Property of Clients
  • Money and Securities of Clients
  • Crime: Employee Dishonesty
  • Crime: Theft/Disappearance/Destruction
  • Spoilage-Your Business Property
  • Spoliage-Perishable Personal Property of your client






















Other Coverage: Debris Removal; Preservation of Property; Fire Department Service Charges, Broadened Building Coverage, Broadened Glass Coverage.    

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